Things to do in Bratislava Nightlife : Channels Bratislava nightclub

Let’s take a look into one of the most popular after hour clubs, Channels Bratislava nightclub


Bratislava Nightlife: Channels nightclub

Channels is the go to place after all bars and clubs have closed.  This means that the venue does not get busy until after 1AM, if you go before, then more than likely it’s going to be empty.

Channels’ main slogan is “Party Everyday” so true to their word, for the past 6 years they have always being open at night, every day!

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Know what you are getting into:

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This is an after-hours club, so expect a LOT of people to be drunk and misbehaving, the owners and bouncers know this too, so they don’t have much patience if there are any issues. If you behave and are patient while waiting on the queue (mainly summer weekends) then you and your group will have an easy time finding your way into the club.



Source: Channels Nightclub

Who usually goes to Channels

Mostly Slovaks and university students go here.  If you’re over 30 and expect a lounge or relaxed  place to sit and chill, then better not go there. The upper area has a couple of tables where most people hang out but it can be quite the commotion when groups start showing up.

During summer you will find plenty of tourists and backpackers as well.



About the dance part

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The dance area consists of 2 underground floors and it can be small and congested late at night.  Most don’t care so late at night, just be aware. Our personal suggestion is that you get a table which has enough space for your group to dance as well.

Back when I was in university, this was the type of place that I would mostly go, so if you’re a young traveler then certainly you will enjoy this place.  Older tourists probably will be fond of other venues.



Source: Channels Nightclub

Music is pretty good, they do a good job of rotating Djs and keep the party going.






Source: Channels Nightclub

Source: Channels Nightclub

It’s slogan is party 365 and they are serious, this place is open everyday, so on a Sunday night if you’re looking for a place to go, you know Channels will be open.
Managers, bouncers and staff at the beginning of the night are quite nice and friendly, but as the night goes on and more drunk people start arriving, they just don’t have time to be attentive, so don’t expect they will have much patience to answer your questions so late at night.
All said and done, once you know what to expect, this one is a fun place to go.  During summer it gets quite crowded so be prepared to be turned away if they have reached their limit capacity.

Channels Nightclub

Source: Channels Nightclub

Channels is also one of the venues we visit during our popular Bratislava Nightlife PubCrawl

For more information, check out their Facebook page

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