Things to do in Bratislava Nightlife: Casa del Havana

One of the oldest and most commonly known venues for Latin music is Casa del Havana.  Located in the heart of old town is one of the most popular venues for locals and tourists alike

There are two faces of Casa del Havana and I will explain:

Day time: Casa del Havana, owned by Medusa group.  This should tell you that at least food wise they have a certain standard that all restaurants follow, so quality it’s up there but like with other medusa restaurants, prices are not cheap I would say it falls on the medium high dining prices.  Still during summer you can eat by the terrace and enjoy a comfortable dining experience.

Night Time: this is the 2nd face of Havana, as the place turns into a dance club.  But how great can it be if the place was a restaurant in the morning? Exactly, it cannot be that good.  This means that you will encounter a small place for dancing, and you’ll be bumping a lot of tables since the space is quite small.





So Space is small, if you go during their busiest nights, be ready to feel like a sardin in a can, it’s very difficult to walk inside and let alone dance.  But as I mentioned this is the only nearby place for dancing latino, so what can you do? no other options.



Havana may not be the best place to get reasonably priced drinks and a lot of locals simply like to drink somewhere else and just go there for the dancing, smart move.


Live Music: Only on Fridays and they guys are quite good, a Cuban band that are quite entertaining and play until 11:30 or so.
In the end, there are better options if you truly love Latin music (Zeleny Strom or La Fiesta) but they are not in old town and many times, it’s just a hassle to go there so people accept that Havana is the only place to go.





It’s a pity, in the many years living here there has been 0 improvements, never one time a care to have a better customer service (be careful waiters will not mind bumping you hard when you are on their way) or whatsoever.   And why would they? as they have no competitors in the latino dance club market in old town, Havana owners can rule and demand whatever they want.




If you want latino and it’s late at night so you have no other choice to go there, then have fun, but try and have drinks somewhere else before.

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